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Advancement of technology has paved a way for a much better garment printing. DTG (Direct to Garment) is one of the advanced yet popular printing types nowadays.

The process is whereby the image is directly printed on the garment (100% Cotton) through heads containing ink jets move back and forth over the print substrate spraying CMYK to recreate the digital image. DTG printers have additional white jets to create an under base, then print the color image.

Gradients, Text and Photographs are all possibilities at your fingertips with Digital Garment printing.

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Additional Info

  • Direct-to-garment printing produces the best results on 100% cotton garments.
  • To best preserve the colors in your design, we recommend washing the garments inside out in cold water.
  • The pre-treatment on dark shirts may leave a slight discoloration around the printed image area. This is a natural result of the process and disappears with the first wash. All DTG prints should be washed prior to wear.

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